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From AU$150.00



You’d say, “A orange -coloured donut or, maybe a toy!”
We’d say, “Nope!”
“Aqua Donut” is a boat, a circular one, similar to the deep-fried ring-shaped luscious dessert we all love to bite into. But you can bite while on it! Confusing?
“Aqua Donut” is a floating device with a barbeque station to enable a unique dining experience as one sways along the picturesque area of Docklands. Back in countries like Dubai, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, UK, US and Canada such floating vessels, popular as barbeque boats, are a major tourist attraction. At last, Melbournians can indulge in a similar experience a lot closer to home.
But how can a donut float?
Well, ‘coz “Aqua Donut” isn’t spongy and fluffy like its edible counterpart. This one’s made of high-end fibreglass so it can seamlessly glide over the water. It is electrically powered (nope, the noise won’t intrude with the banter and chatter of guests aboard) and has a charcoal BBQ facility in the centre to tantalise your taste buds.
What’s so exciting about Aqua Donut?
You can rent “Aqua Donut” to celebrate a special occasion or organise a touristy event for out-of-towners. You can simply laze around on a beautiful morning or gorge juicy kebabs as the sun goes down. We offer a evening service from 7pm to 10pm to grill and chill.


For security purposes only a credit card can be used to provide a Bond. The Hirer must produce his/her credit card and must be present and sign for the Bond upon collection of Aqua Donut. Each such person constituting the Hirer is jointly and separately liable for any damage to Aqua Donut (Hire Equipment). The Bond is fully refundable when the hire equipment is returned to the drop off address on time and all other terms of the agreement fully complied with. If there is any damage to the Hire Equipment on its return or if there have been any other breaches of this Agreement on the part of the Hirer, the Bond will be used to cover the costs of such. If the amount of the liability under the Bond is insufficient to cover the combined total of such damage and liability then the balance will be charged. Liability under the Bond is capped at $500.‌

Condition of the Boat‌
To the best of the Owner’s knowledge and belief, the boat is in a sound and safe condition free of any known defects or faults that would affect its safe operation under normal use and weather conditions.‌

The Hirer acknowledges that he/she is 18 or older and holder of a current, non-suspended motor vehicle license to navigate the hired class of boat. The Hirer acknowledges that during the hiring, the boat will be navigated by the Hirer's nominated driver and by no other person.
If the nominated driver is not competent to navigate the vessel, the charter would not proceed unless Aqua Donut representative is fully convinced or another nominated driver is available.
Aqua Donut representative will be empowered to cancel the charter at any point if they believe that the customer will not be able to operate the vessel safely.‌

Late Fee‌
If the Boat is not returned to the drop off address on or before the ending time specified in the booking, the Hirer agrees to pay an overtime rate of $50.00 per 15 minutes from the ending time until the time the boat is returned to the drop off address.‌ Similarly, if a customer arrives late, they may be subject to a $50.00 late fee, or if no boats are available to accommodate their lateness, their booking may be canceled and forfeited.

Cleanliness ‌
The Hirer agrees to return the boat in a neat and tidy position. All rubbish should be taken along in the rubbish bags provided by Aqua Donut. Aqua Donut will charge a cleaning of $50.00 if the boat is not returned back in a reasonably clean position.‌

Area of Operation‌
As specified in the briefing sheet which Aqua Donut representative will deliver to the Hirer.‌

Life Jackets ‌
Wearing of life jackets are mandatory for everyone on board. Life jackets will be provided by Aqua Donut for everyone over 2 years old. Life jacket wearing laws carry offense provisions against people who do not wear life jackets and water police are always patrolling the area to make sure people are complying with the regulations.

Weather Monitoring
Weather monitoring is the responsibility of Aqua Donut and the Hirer. If at any point Aqua Donut representative believes that the weather is not appropriate for safe sailing, we reserve the right to cancel the charter and defer to a later time. No refund is permitted. It is also a responsibility of the Hirer to make sure they are operating the vessel in safe conditions and if the weather changes dramatically, the Hirer agrees to come back to shore ASAP. Any damage arising out of Hirer not coming back to shore due to bad weather will be charged out of the bond.‌

Cancellations Mandated by the State ‌
For cancellations mandated by the state due to health safety reasons (i.e Covid 19 lockdown and restrictions), if the booking has been cancelled, we reserve the right to defer to a later time. No refund is permitted. Should the state mandate a specific group of individuals to only go out at a given location at a given time, the hirer is responsible to make sure that this is adhered to.

Alcohol Policy
Nominated driver can only consume 0.05% alcohol and all other passengers can only consume moderate alcohol. Aqua Donut will not be responsible for any liability if the driver is under the influence of alcohol and driver will be solely/jointly with passengers will be responsible for all liabilities.‌

Barbecue Use, Strong Winds, Etc.‌
We do not allow BBQ's to be used on days exceeding 40c or winds greater than 15 knots for safety reasons. In the event that the management will allow customers to continue use the vessel during strong winds, the umbrella of the vessel needs to be closed and the vessel has to be tied. We discourage the use of high heeled and pointy shoes on the vessels.

Renter shall be responsible for reimbursing the Company for any insurance excess which may apply in the event that Renter breaches this agreement and an insurance claim is made by the Company‌.


  • people Group Size: From 1 Up To 3

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From AU$150.00

Gift Certificate - AQUADONUT

Give your loved ones a truly amazing experience on Aqua Donut! Up to 10 guests welcome, Over 12 months of age is counted as a guest.
* Gift cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue
* Non-Refundable
* Reschedules allowed with 7 day notice
* Number of passengers based on the hire package
* Plates, glasses, cutlery, serving tray and cooking oil will be supplied


  • people Group Size: From 1

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From AU$199.00

SPACESHIP PONTUS Self-Drive Party Boats 2-Hour Boat Hire

Our Spaceship pontoon boat hires are the perfect way to enjoy a Yarra River Cruise and time out on the water and no boat license is needed and is self-drive. Up to 12 guests welcome or hire three and have 36 guests. (skipper fee at $75/hr). Over 12 months of age is counted as a guest.

Great for Birthday parties
Hens Parties
Family outing suitable for all ages, babies to the Grand Parents welcome.

Feature Summary: - Lounge Seating Arrangement with two picnic tables
- High Fidelity Sound System Inc
- Bimni Protection against sun or rain
- Standing room plenty of space to stretch out.
- no License needed
- Optional BBQ facilities

Optional Extras: Catering Pack $5.00 Includes:
Cutlery, plates and cups
BBQ tray and tongs
BBQ spray oil
Serving Foil
Garbage bag

BBQ Gas $10.00
Eski & Ice $20.00


Yarra River Cruising Non Licensed Drivers
Williamstown, Port Melbourne for Licensed Drivers
This boat can be driven by both licensed and unlicensed drivers. Only river cruise allowed.


Important Update in lieu of recent government announcement.

Please read:

1. Documents to be completed online
2. Bond to be preauthorised on departure day ($500)
3. No cash transactions. Bond on the card and must be provided on the Hire Agreement.
4. Check-in with QR codes.

A security bond of $500 is required prior to boarding.

Cancellations Due to Weather
Please note bookings are non-refundable. Boat4hire PCC Boat Management reserves the right to cancel bookings WITHIN 24 hour period (maybe on the day of booking) should actual weather on-site be deemed unsuitable for cruising. For cancelled bookings, it can be deferred to another available date without additional cost.

A photo ID and credit card used online must be brought on the day of activity for verification. The name in the booking and on the cards presented must match. Otherwise, the booking will not proceed and the payment will be forfeited.
Alternatively, if using someone else's credit card, the person who owns the credit card must sign the agreement forms and must be present on the day of the activity along with the credit card and photo ID for verification.


  • people Group Size: From 1 Up To 2

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  • Docklands VIC 3008
  • Australia

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